Jim Winner


AND Three reasons why you should run away now!

Jim Winner is the creator of THE ULTIMATE DEBT-HACKING BLUEPRINT which is a system where he informs by example what he and others like him have done in order to make 10’s of thousands of dollars from their debts, legally!


He is the preeminent Professional Litigant offering information to other pro se non-attorney civil plaintiffs on his best practices and ways he both learned and uses the law to protect his own interests.

Yes, Run Now!!

About Jim Winner

I am really bad at the about me sections of websites because I hate to boast, and I don’t want to write in the third person. But because that is the style people have come to expect I will now give that a shot.​

Well, Jim began his legal education the hard way, in Family Court. During a long legal battle that lasted nearly a decade, Jim, being really bad at finance, working in restaurants, and unable to afford an attorney, decided that he would be his own lawyer. This was a horrible mistake!


He first began to study secret legal “principles” he found on websites about sovereignty laws and strawmen and how judges were not acting with true authority… And Like fresh meat into a meat grinder he went! This long slow churning of Jim into a delicate childless sausage of questionable taste and satisfaction, lead Jim to determine that the sausage life has few benefits and grave limitations.


So, Jim began to study actual laws such as civil procedure. When that went slowly along, he decided that it was useful to learn law faster. Afterall his chicken nugget (his son) was growing up fast at a rate of about 1 year every 365 days or so. Since family court was slow, Jim decided to learn consumer protection law to put his education into high-gear. This was a fantastic decision!


By using his civil procedure skills and applying them to the often fast-paced world of consumer finance litigation, Jim found an amusement park worth of fabulous cases on which to ride. After all this guy Jim sucked with money. When I say he sucked with money I mean that his gaping mouth, vacuum in shape, could not consume enough funds  and shit them out where they didn’t belong fast enough! Getting the picture?


I mean he had been sued for lack of rent payments, been evicted twice, filed a bankruptcy, and had a credit score of an amusing 440. This guy was a financial loser! I mean if he had $5 dollars, he owed $200, spent $600, lost $900, and got sued for $20k. Okay enough about that!


The point being that he had plenty of creditors debt collectors, bakers, attorneys and the like attempting to track him down and make him pay! Instead what they found was, well a meatgrinder. Jim would always find their violations of the laws, and sue them. Turning the tables on those guys once and for all. It turned out that Jim found that nearly no one in the financial industry followed the regulations. They seemed to always fuck up somewhere. So, Jim learned fast both civil procedure and consumer finance law and in so doing he sharpened his sword for battle.


He became a kind of pro se legend. In his own mind.


Once I finally got the hang of it it became easy. However, learning the law through experience alone was a rough. lonely road.

But is this guy worth purchasing information from? 

For many the answer is a resounding NAH!

For some people they think that filing a lawsuit will guarantee them million-dollar awards. This is not often the case.​

Lawsuits, especially consumer protection types, are usually settled for maybe 10’s of thousands of dollars at most, unless there are so many violations that they owe much more. In which case they will fight. If they fight it will take time. And that time is not quick.


Listen, no company is going to have a team of lawyers meet a pro se litigant on the field of battle and find their lawyers saying, “You know, instead of attempting to use our immense skill, training and resources to make this case go away for maybe $30K in legal fees for our well-funded client, instead we recommend that our client pay this pro se litigant $100,000,000.00 right away. After all he is pretty upset.”


They would much rather take case to trial and hope you lose. Point being, most cases settle for far less than a person claims they are owed. But everyone has every right to go for the big payday. Conversely, every defendant has every Right to attempt to prevent that from happening. There’s always a balance.


This is a long game. Starting well before an account is opened all the way to a potential settlement of a case, if one should arise. The process on the long end could take years. Lawsuits continuing for months before settlement or trial are typical.


If you are already in financial debt madness, then there may be some information here that is useful to you in some way. But this is not a get rich or get rich quick scheme.





You want easy? Go pay your bills now.

The law and learning it was not a small undertaking. It required study and action. While I have complied my own shortcuts to help make sense of it all, in all honesty, there is no way for me to know the in’s and outs of your cases, your rules in your jurisdiction, your skills, your commitment, your set of operative facts (that’s legal talk right there) or anything really. What I can guarantee you is that you will have questions. Some will be answered far too late. And occasionally you will falter.


But if you are looking for some forms to fill out and blamo you have 1000s of dollars this is not it. This, for me, required a lot of reading, training, dedication, time and effort. If one is going to become effective at representing their own legal interests, one must at some point fully ensconce their self in law until they become nimble with it.


That takes time. But I have the base resources that I would want to get a Huge head start. But you must know there are variables that not even I, the pro se icon of his own mind, can foresee.


The easy way out is to pay your bills. Hire someone to clean your credit. And don’t get into debts you can’t pay. That is the easiest way I know how to deal with creditors, banks and debt collectors and credit reports. Forget their violations of the laws and just pay them.


Taking on the law and learning your rights is hard enough. But then going to practice in court, is, at first, harder. Shit moves fast and until you become nibble it might move too fast.


This is the path of most resistance. It is the long hard less-travelled road! I mean turn back now to safety if you need to feel comfortable. And go the easy route.

This route is for trekkers. People who will take the reigns and forge ahead and are more satisfied than frustrated by learning and practicing life-alerting skills.



Inform you of my own actionable strategies and tactics that I use in my finances that are legal and ethical.

I can only Show you the very same strategies that I use to force those fuckers to stop fucking with me and pay me instead.

I offer plenty of free information. However, you will have to pay me for the premium dope.


That’s right, I am going to sell you products that help you do things easier than it would be but for my products. It will be how I leaned the law, cheaper than law school and cheaper than hiring an attorney.


Look around. Read some of my free offerings and eBooks. Which I promise to make simple to understand and take in. And when you are ready to get to work learning how I regularly turn debt into dollars, you can find me right here!


And that is where Jim left it. Right there. Oh yeah, he won full custody of his son, and is a single dad living somewhere on the planet earth. It wasn’t easy. But it was sooooo worth it!




Look at the free stuff. If you like the free stuff then you may like the paid stuff. If you don’t like the free shit, you wont like my paid shit.

I am being told I am now supposed to tell you my honest yet impressive credentials and build myself up into something super-dooper so here goes that part:


I started learning law in 2008.


I study law day in and day out.


I spent $1000’s of dollars on classes, books and training materials and consistently acquire new knowledge, and I pay to do it.


I myself have successfully settled 70 cases, confidentially, in sums that are embarrassing to state.


I once lost a case pretty badly. But I successfully petitioned and the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, had that Judges ruling over-turned (despite the judges’ court reporter refusing to turn over court records. I mean sheesh!)  and I changed the law in 3 states making it difficult for pro se’s to have their asses handed to them. And easier for pro se’s to have their cases heard at trial.


For that case I have been cited by National Consumer Law Center in their preeminent consumer law publications.


I settle shit out of court constantly. That’s a learnable skill.


I am not a lawyer, and I know all of this because of vigorous research trial and error, but mostly success.


I turned my debts into dollars and I did it legally.


Was it harder than I thought it would be to learn on my own with no experience? Yes.


Did I learn it? Yes.


Did I develop a systematic and streamlined approach to law to make it accessible to anyone who wants to learn? That is my skill.

By sheer luck, (oh and treacherous high-stakes hard work on a high wire without a net), I discovered I had a course and a system, unique to me, that I could let people see without giving any legal advice whatsoever.


If the restaurant worker with bad money habits could learn it then so can anyone.

My focus now is you. ​

To see you turn your financial picture around...

And even if it is perfect already, see you find where people may owe you money. To see you to legally, profit from your debt.


I am the creator of the Turn Debt into Dollars Info-Products and the Ultimate Debt-Hacking Blueprint. These are the ways I view the law as digestible and actionable.  

It is, in my humble and totally unbiased opinion, the holy grail of pro se civil plaintiff legal information.


I also learned various areas of law other than finance. My skill is being able to boil down complex legal theories into an easy to understand system that I can apply and act on immediately.


I do this by talking in plain English most of the way, interspersed with arcane legal theories, concepts and definitions to make the law accessible and not so dang confusing.


So that I can see you fear debt no more.  See you have real financial freedom and finally be able to do whatever it is you wish to do.

Get it while it's hot! These information products will not last forever.



Hey, you’re the one who insists one reading this!

Take some free stuff.


Buy some inexpensive materials from my Turn Debt Into Dollars Series.


And when you are ready to go big league, buy The Ultimate Debt-Hacking Blueprint.


When you have made your investment back, come back and buy other supporting products or branch out into other areas at my other product sites.


Thanks, for taking the time to read this and getting started with me now!

Jim Winner

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